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Their marketing expertise, industry know-how, and personal approach are refreshing.
— Todd lenz, VICE PRESIDENT GLOBAL marketing, wind river

Meet the team



Katherine Aitken


Katherine Aitken has the unique and highly sought-after ability to make things happen. A woman of intense energy and drive, Katherine can step in, take on a leadership role and inspire the team to deliver in ways you may never have thought possible. Katherine can understand, organize, and distill the most disorganized information into articulate, cohesive, messages, programs, and deliverables. She regularly performs these feats of magic in a seemingly effortless fashion for the most highly technical environments, in the most complex client engagements.

With over twenty years of communications experience in Silicon Valley, Katherine brings to the brynmorgan group her expertise in strategic planning, content development, program and project management, and consulting.

Among her other skills are program planning, management, implementation; content creation and execution; resource review and analysis; agency search, selection, and management; product launches; development of sales enablement tools; planning and managing events, seminars, and briefings, trade shows, conferences, and more.

Before co-founding the brynmorgan group, Katherine’s experience included five years at Winston Advertising, the largest business-to-business advertising agency in Silicon Valley at the time. Prior to that Katherine held positions in communications for the Children’s Hospital of San Francisco, Foundation and as Marketing Development Advisor for a start up.

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Kim Young


Got a daunting project? An outrageous deadline? An unthinkable objective? Bring it to Kim Young. Not only does she “get” the big picture, she doesn’t miss a single thing at the detail level of the most complex project or program.

With a graduate degree in Organization Development, Kim is also an expert at people and relationship management–creating productive, collaborating working relationships among diverse functional roles and clients, and assembling teams that work seamlessly even though they may be geographically broadly dispersed.

Kim’s forte is managing complex, enterprise-wide, cross-functional, cross-organizational initiatives in record time… with calm, ease, and humor. From complex strategic plans, to high visibility Executive presentations, to the most mundane marketing programs, Kim embraces each challenge thrown her way.

Prior to co-founding the brynmorgan group, Kim served as Vice President of Operations for Winston Advertising, the largest business-to-business advertising agency in Silicon Valley at the time. She combines lessons learned in over 12 years in the high-pressure agency business—the unique capacity to multitask across clients and projects–with her over 20 years with the brynmorgan group and a personal touch that allows her to carefully attend to the individual needs of each client.

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Bryn Aitken-Young

Bryn Aitken-Young is not afraid to take on any challenge and will work tirelessly to bring any project to a successful completion. Bryn has drive and dedication and will not allow any project or product that has her stamp on it to be anything less than excellent. Bryn started working with the brynmorgan group and with their client Hewlett-Packard in March of 2014. Since then, she has been immersed in the business world of Silicon Valley and has loved every second. Learning quickly and adapting to new roles and opportunities is why a former employer has stated that Bryn “makes the learning curve look flat.” Bryn specializes in effective communication, critical thinking, and organization and project management. She applies that to her work in marketing operations, managing and executing global syndication campaigns, working with vendors for lead and demand generation, along with excellent budget management.

Bryn grew up in the San Francisco bay area and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Biology from the University of California Davis in June 2013. She is passionate about health, nutrition and exercise. She enjoys running, hiking, yoga, basketball, soccer and riding horses. Bryn seeks out and enjoys leadership roles- she was the president of the UC Davis Hunter Jumper team and founded the first ever Women’s Club Basketball Team at UC Davis. She also loves to travel and has been lucky to see many parts of the world including Europe, ANZ, Central and South America. Before working for the brynmorgan group, Bryn worked for UC Davis Athletics Development, where she managed donor fundraising events such as banquets and golf tournaments in addition to processing all of the donations made to the collegiate athletics programs. With her experience thus far, Bryn is proficient in multiple computer programs, Outlook, Database programs, and Salesforce.

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Morgan Aitken-Young

Morgan Aitken-Young has the valuable ability to evaluate complex information and make it organized, succinct and accessible. With genuine passion and a creative mind, Morgan can adapt to any project no matter the level or scope. What sets her apart from other young professionals is her maturity, compassion, and agile learning. Morgan applies this mentality to every job she tackles, and sees the value across fields of clear and effective communication, in which she excels.

Morgan graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in literature and writing, and has worked for various newspapers and blogs, enabling her to not only write well but to craft persuasive arguments with logical support. She understands how tone and voice affect content, and geeks out about words, language, and how to tell a compelling story. She has key experience analyzing text and asking the question, “what does this actually mean?” She then can provide constructive feedback and editing so that meaning is expressed clearly. Her other skills include social media prowess, Google drive know how, and Microsoft Office proficiency. Morgan joined the brynmorgan group in October of 2014 to work with their clients VMware and HP, in various capacities. She loves working with people who love their jobs, and looks forward to learning all she can at the brynmorgan group

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Clay Aitken-Young

The latest addition to the brynmorgan group, Clay graduated from San Diego State University Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing. He found his niche in event marketing as a leader on the team to promote and deliver the Women in Entrepreneurship Conference. Clay has the unique ability to combine his skill with numbers with his innate ability to engage with people.

Clay has worked with enterprise software companies and non-profits and brings to each engagement a fresh perspective on marketing and communications. His skills include social media marketing, proficiency with Microsoft Office, SalesForce, Eloqua, Pardot, Vertical Response, Oktopost, Camtasia, and more. Clay joined the brynmorgan group in 2016 to work with clients such as VMware and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in various capacities. He enjoys working with a team of people who push each other to excel and he is looking forward to contributing to the success of the brynmorgan group’s clients.

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