The Brynmorgan Group

Planning / Strategy

Planning/Strategy for Brand, Content, and Launch

Tight timeframes, constantly changing requirements, limitless expectations—we understand the realities of dynamic companies and we are so used to delivering the impossible that our clients now expect it. When it comes to launch readiness and corporate communications campaigns, the brynmorgan group handles:


program and project management

When our clients call with a new product, service, or program to kick out the door, we put it into high gear. The brynmorgan group is the one to call when you’re faced with impossible deadlines, shrinking budgets, and expanding project scopes. Let us worry about that for you. You can thank us later.


editorial services and creative direction

Not only do we know how to get things done, we have the resources at our fingertips to do them. We work with the top echelon of designers, writers, Web architects, programmers, and multimedia experts. With every product launch or marketing campaign, the brynmorgan group creates a virtual team – comprised and complemented by your employees and our outstanding extended team – that understands your requirements and deadlines, as well as the high expectations you have for the finished product. Together, we ensure that your expectations are met.

The brynmorgan group has been equally important in shaping our strategy and making it happen. They were instrumental in helping us launch a major division of a multi-billion dollar global corporation into the US arena and building market momentum for our products.

resource analysis and recommendations

Sometimes our clients just want advice on how they can better meet their goals and objectives. We can help there, too. The brynmorgan group will put its collective experience and expertise to work for you by conducting an audit of your current resources, how they’re deployed, and whether they will meet your short- and long-term requirements. Once the analysis is complete, we’ll deliver our recommendations.